Hi there! I'm Oscar Manfred, a 27 year-old, down-to-earth graphic designer. I continuously try to nurture my progressive spirit, finding great pleasure in coming up with free-thinking solutions for each design problem I'm faced with. Below you'll find my portfolio, showcasing various works of branding, editorial design, web design and marketing. Have a look!


Linköping University: Arts & Art History Studies [2013-2014]
Linköping University: Bachelor degree in Graphic Design & Communication. [2014-2016]
Hogeschool Utrecht: Minor in Concept Design. [2015-2016]
Malmö University: Experimental Media Production. [2017-2018]

Work experience

Motei: Front-end Webdesign Trainee. [2015]
Freelancing Graphic Designer: Personal Business. [2015-2018]
DUVI Group AB: Art Director & Project Leader. [2018-2019]
Lupinta: Digital Marketing Developer. [2019-2020]


For business inquiries, or if you simply want to get in touch with me for some other reason, feel free to send me an email. Or just schedule a meeting and buy me a cup of coffee - that works too.